Mr.Philip Vella
Corporate Administration

Mr Philip Vella has attended St.Aloysius College and followed his studies in the commerce/accounts sector. He later achieved a Diploma in Teaching Physical Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with practice placements at St. Bernard’s Residential Home in Ireland, and Hospice Movement (Malta). During his Master’s Degree in Health and Social Care Management, Mr Vella researched for a study on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and SMEs’. He has worked in various areas with vulnerable individuals, young people and their families on a psycho-social level. Mr Vella has worked at Caritas Malta as a social worker and he has accompanied various groups for voluntary work in Kenya and Albania.

He started to lecture at MCAST at level 5 and level 6 in Health and Social Care subjects and delivered MCAST part-time courses in Emotional Intelligence & Relationships and in Conflict Resolutions. He worked as a Deputy Director at the Institute of Business and Commerce, as DDPM at ICS, and subsequently as ICS Director.

All of these experiences have bolstered his philosophy that the crux of any company/organisation’s success lies purely in understanding and investing in human capital which can encourage and shape a vision of academic VET success for all students.

Philip Vella先生曾就读于St.Aloysius学院,并在商业/会计领域学习。之后,他在爱尔兰圣伯纳德的住宅和临终关怀运动(马耳他)获得了体育教学文凭和社会工作学士学位。在他的健康和社会关怀管理硕士学位期间,Vella先生研究了“企业社会责任和中小企业”的研究。他曾在心理社会层面与脆弱的个人,年轻人及其家人一起在各个领域工作过。Vella先生曾在Cari​​tas Malta工作,担任社会工作者,并陪同各个团体在肯尼亚和阿尔巴尼亚开展志愿工作。





Mr Richard Curmi

Director of Corporate social responsibility



Mr Oscar Borg
Director of Strategy & Special Projects

Mr Oscar Borg was educated at De La Salle College. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Malta. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from Lancaster University (UK) and has worked for a number of years with various foreign companies in Malta and Belgium; engaged in garment manufacturing. He has held posts mainly in production engineering, production management and at a general management level. Mr Borg joined Malta Investment Management Co Ltd and later the Malta Maritime Authority, serving as Chief Executive for 15 years.

He is mainly interested in issues related to strategy, continuous process improvement and the design of management information and management control systems.

奥斯卡博格先生在德拉萨尔学院接受教育。他毕业于马耳他大学,获得经济学学士学位。他拥有兰开斯特大学(英国)工商管理硕士学位,并在马耳他和比利时的多家外国公司工作多年; 从事服装制造业。他主要在生产工程,生产管理和一般管理层担任职务。Borg先生加入马耳他投资管理有限公司,后来加入马耳他海事局,担任行政长官15年。




Ms Christine Cachia
Director of Communications

Ms Christine Cachia has been working in public relations and communications since 2007 when she joined the British High Commission in Malta as Press and Public Affairs Officer. She worked at the BHC for 11 years until she joined MCAST in May 2018. During her time at the High Commission, Christine obtained extensive training and experience in stakeholder engagement, strategic communications, social media management and VVIP visits. The highlight of her career is working with the UK Royal Family during their visits to Malta, including for CHOGM 2015, and working with the UK press during incoming visits by UK Ministers as part of Malta’s Presidency of the EU. Prior to joining the BHC, Christine worked as a journalist with a local TV station ONE, where she presented and produced two TV programmes on youth issues and education.

Christine graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Malta in 2005, and with a Master’s Degree in English and the Media, also from the University of Malta, in 2016. During her undergraduate studies, Christine worked at radio station 89.7Bay and was a regular contributor to the university magazine Insite. Christine Cachia was a member of the national swimming team and represented Malta in a number of international events including the Small Nations Games, FISEC Games, and the British Championships. Christine remains a sports enthusiast and played water polo with Sliema ASC for four years.

Christine Cachia女士自2007年加入马耳他英国高级专员公署担任新闻和公共事务官以来,一直从事公共关系和传播工作。她在BHC工作了11年,直到2018年5月加入MCAST。在高级委员会任职期间,Christine在利益相关方参与,战略沟通,社交媒体管理和VVIP访问方面获得了广泛的培训和经验。她职业生涯的亮点是在访问马耳他期间与英国皇室家族合作,包括2015年CHOGM,以及英国部长在英国马耳他担任欧盟轮值主席期间访问期间与英国媒体合作。在加入BHC之前,Christine曾在当地一家电视台担任记者,在那里她介绍并制作了两部关于青年问题和教育的电视节目。

Christine于2005年毕业于马耳他大学,获得通信学士学位,并于2016年获得马耳他大学英语和媒体硕士学位。在她的本科学习期间,Christine在89.7Bay广播电台工作。是大学杂志Insite的定期撰稿人。Christine Cachia是国家游泳队的成员,代表马耳他参加了许多国际赛事,包括小型国家运动会,FISEC运动会和英国锦标赛。Christine仍然是体育爱好者,并与Sliema ASC一起打了四年水球。