Dr Mario Cardona 
Deputy Principal – Technology and Applied Sciences (VPET)  | 副主任 - 技术与应用科学(VPET)

Dr Mario Cardona graduated with a B.Ed. (Hons.) in History and Early and Middle Years from the University of Malta. He subsequently focused on adult education and training, and community development, with a Laurea from Roma Tre University, a M.Ed. from the University of Malta and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh. He has an academic and professional interest in adult education and training, community education and development, co-operatives, VET, visual and performing arts, and issues related to education and social justice. He participates in European policy fora and has published books and papers related to his area of expertise. He carries out voluntary work in a rural co-operative at Manikata and in a community-based music school at Qormi.

Mario Cardona博士毕业于B.Ed. (荣誉),马耳他大学历史,早期和中年。随后,他专注于成人教育和培训以及社区发展,其中一位来自罗马特雷大学的Laurea,一位教育学硕士。来自马耳他大学和爱丁堡大学的博士。他在成人教育和培训,社区教育和发展,合作社,职业教育,视觉和表演艺术以及与教育和社会正义相关的问题方面具有学术和专业兴趣。他参加了欧洲政策论坛,并出版了与他的专业领域相关的书籍和论文。他在Manikata的农村合作社和Qormi的社区音乐学校开展志愿者工作。

Ms Paula Grech Bonnici
Director of the Institute of Applied Sciences 

Ms Paula Grech Bonnici holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Biology, both from the University of Malta. She had first started her career as a scientific officer at the Maltese Forensic Science Laboratory and later moved to the Water Services Corporation for a lengthy career of twenty-two years. She joined the WSC as a laboratory scientist and gradually rose up the ranks to the position of an executive director. Her experience extends to water and wastewater quality analytical expertise; quality management systems, including ISO9001 and ISO14001; ISO17025 laboratory accreditation; management of the Institute of Water Technology; design and development of courses; training and lecturing at various institutions and an active participation in various EU funding projects ranging from research to major structural projects. As part of her previous remit she also set up the Commercialisation and Innovation arm at the WSC.  She was also responsible for the achievement of the ISO17025 accreditation of the first laboratory in Malta. Over the years, Ms. Grech Bonnici formed part of various government boards including the Pesticide Control Board, the Trade Testing Board for Laboratory Technologists, the Environment and Resources Authority Board and the Malta Resources Authority Board.  She has also frequently participated in various European policy and federation meetings and also many workshops.


Paula Grech Bonnici女士拥有马耳他大学的生物学和化学理学学士学位和生物学理学硕士学位。她最初在马耳他法医科学实验室担任科学官员,后来转到水务公司工作了22年。她作为实验室科学家加入了WSC,逐渐晋升为执行董事。她的经验涉及水和废水质量分析专业知识; 质量管理体系,包括ISO9001和ISO14001; ISO17025实验室认可; 水技术研究所管理; 课程的设计和开发; 在各种机构进行培训和讲座,并积极参与从研究到主要结构项目的各种欧盟资助项目。作为她之前职权范围的一部分,她还在WSC成立了商业化和创新部门。她还负责实现马耳他第一个实验室的ISO17025认证。多年来,Grech Bonnici女士成为各种政府委员会的成员,包括农药管理委员会,实验室技术人员贸易测试委员会,环境与资源管理委员会以及马耳他资源管理委员会。她还经常参加各种欧洲政策和联合会议以及许多研讨会。她还负责实现马耳他第一个实验室的ISO17025认证。多年来,Grech Bonnici女士成为各种政府委员会的成员,包括农药管理委员会,实验室技术人员贸易测试委员会,环境与资源管理委员会以及马耳他资源管理委员会。她还经常参加各种欧洲政策和联合会议以及许多研讨会。她还负责实现马耳他第一个实验室的ISO17025认证。多年来,Grech Bonnici女士成为各种政府委员会的成员,包括农药管理委员会,实验室技术人员贸易测试委员会,环境与资源管理委员会以及马耳他资源管理委员会。她还经常参加各种欧洲政策和联合会议以及许多研讨会。

Mr Malcolm B Borg
Deputy Director- Institute of Applied Sciences; in charge of the Centre of Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences

Mr Malcolm Borg graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons.) from the University of Malta in 2009, a PGC in Sustainable Agriculture in 2016 and an M.A. (Agribusiness Management) in 2017. He attended various CPD courses in Sensory Perception, Postharvest Management, Floristry, Vegetable Grafting, Precision Agriculture, Greenhouse Production, and Olive Oil Tasting amongst others. Mr Borg joined MCAST as a full-time lecturer in January 2011 and became deputy director for the Centre of Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences in 2015. He is the creator and coordinator of FOWARIM- a Horizon 2020 project that sought to increase the research capacity of MCAST in the use of water in agriculture. He is also chairperson and external verifier for agribusiness vocational units being delivered in secondary schools.  Malcolm Borg is the internal auditor of the GlobalG.A.P (international) certification for potatoes cultivated in Malta for eventual export


Founder and coordinator of Ghaqda Bdiewa Attivi– an organization for farmers that lobbies for and represent farmers in matters related to policy, market, EU funding, etc. He used to be the Chairman of the Fish Husbandry Trade Testing Board till 2015, he coordinates courses for farmers for the Directorate of Agriculture till 2015, and is co-author of various scientific papers related to water use in agriculture. His interests include reading, lobbying, gastronomy, food production and processing.

Malcolm Borg先生毕业于理学士学位。(荣誉),2009年获马耳他大学,2016年可持续农业PGC,2017年硕士(农业企业管理)。他参加了感官知觉,采后管理,花卉,蔬菜嫁接,精准农业,温室等各种CPD课程。生产,橄榄油品尝等。Borg先生于2011年1月加入MCAST担任全职讲师,并于2015年成为农业,水产与动物科学中心的副主任。他是FOWARIM-地平线2020项目的创建者和协调者,该项目旨在提高研究能力MCAST在农业用水中的应用 他还是中学提供的农业综合企业职业单位的主席和外部核查员。Malcolm Borg是GlobalG.A的内部审计员。

Ghaqda Bdiewa Attivi-农民组织的创始人和协调员,负责在政策,市场,欧盟资金等方面游说和代表农民。他曾经是鱼类贸易试验委员会主席,直到2015年,他协调课程农业局农民到2015年,并与农业用水有关的各种科学论文的合着者。他的兴趣包括阅读,游说,美食,食品生产和加工。

Ms Doreen Micallef
Deputy Director for the Institute of Applied Sciences

Ms Doreen Micallef obtained a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Science in 1986 and a Bachelor of Science in 1992. She became a member of the Institute of Biomedical Science UK in 1996 and obtained a post-graduate certificate in Education in 1999. She graduated with a Master of Science Weight Management in 2017 and a post-graduate certificate in research in 2018. Ms Micallef started off her career as a medical laboratory technician and Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist, from 1986 to 1993. She was then a laboratory manager at a private hospital from 1993 to 1994, and joined the University of Malta in 1992 where she lectured until 2005. She was also teacher of science, biology and chemistry in a local church school from 1999 to 2002 and a part-time lecturer at MCAST from 2006 to 2012. Ms Micallef became a full-time lecturer at the MCAST Institute for Applied Science in 2012, a programme coordinator, in 2013, and has been occupying the post of Deputy Director at the Institute for Applied Sciences since 2015. She served as Vice President of the National Council of Women, Malta, from 2004 to 2007, and as President of the National Council of Women from 2007 to 2009. She also was Vice President of the European Centre for the International Council of Women from 2007 to 2009, and Vice President of the Aretusa Organisation from 2010 to 2012.


Doreen Micallef女士于1986年获得医学实验科学文凭,1992年获得理学学士学位。她于1996年成为英国生物医学科学研究所的成员,并于1999年获得教育研究生证书。她以硕士毕业2017年科学体重管理和2018年研究生研究生证书.Micallef女士从1986年至1993年开始从事医学实验室技术员和高级医学实验室技术员的职业生涯。她当时是一家私立医院的实验室经理。 1993年至1994年,1992年加入马耳他大学,直到2005年。她在1999年至2002年期间担任当地教会学校的科学,生物和化学教师,并于2006年至2012年担任MCAST的兼职讲师。Micallef女士于2012年成为MCAST应用科学研究所的全职讲师,2013年担任项目协调员,自2015年起担任应用科学研究所副主任一职。她曾担任该副主席。马耳他全国妇女理事会,2004年至2007年,2007年至2009年担任全国妇女理事会主席。2007年至2009年,她还担任欧洲国际妇女理事会中心副主席,副主席2010年至2012年的Aretusa组织。2007年至2009年担任全国妇女理事会主席。她还担任2007年至2009年欧洲国际妇女理事会中心副主席,以及2010年至2012年Aretusa组织副主席。2007年至2009年担任全国妇女理事会主席。她还担任2007年至2009年欧洲国际妇女理事会中心副主席,以及2010年至2012年Aretusa组织副主席。

Ing Stephen Sammut
Director of the Institute of Engineering and Transport

Ing Stephen Sammut was awarded a B.Eng. (Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta, a MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University, and a Graduate Teaching Certificate in Vocational Education and Training from MCAST. He also read an MSc in Microelectronics and Nano electronics from the University of Malta and is currently reading for a PhD in the field of Microelectronics. Ing Sammut is also warranted as an Electrical Engineer by the state of Malta. Throughout his career, he has worked in the fields of:

Microelectronics at STMicroelectronics- Process Engineering and R&D electrical power at Enemalta Corporation’s Distribution Section – responsible for Birkirkara and Mosta districts; construction project management at Malta Industrial Parks – Project Leader of a 20 Million Euro ERDF project ERDF001 – infrastructural works in all industrial estimates; aviation and engineering contracting – Lufthansa Technik.

Currently Ing. Sammut is the Director of the Institute of Engineering and Transport at MCAST. The institute has around 1000 students following around 60 programs in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, building and construction, maritime and aviation.  Ing. Sammut covered most roles at the institute including those of lecturer, coordinator, Deputy Director of Institute, Deputy Director Program Management, and finally Director.

Ing Stephen Sammut被授予B.Eng。(荣誉)马耳他大学电子工程学士学位,赫瑞瓦特大学爱丁堡商学院工商管理硕士学位和MCAST职业教育与培训研究生教学证书。他还在马耳他大学读过微电子和纳米电子学硕士学位,目前正在阅读微电子领域的博士学位。Ing Sammut也是马耳他州的电气工程师。在他的职业生涯中,他曾在以下领域工作:


意法半导体的微电子 - Enemalta公司分销部的工艺工程和研发电力 - 负责Birkirkara和Mosta地区; 马耳他工业园区的建设项目管理 - 2000万欧元ERDF项目的项目负责人ERDF001 - 所有工业估算中的基础设施工程; 航空和工程承包 - 汉莎技术公司。


Ing Godwin Caruana
Deputy Director (Academic) | Institute of Engineering and Transport. 

Ing. Godwin Caruana attended St.Aloysius College, and followed his studies in engineering at the University of Malta where he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1990. In 2010 Ing Caruana joined the MCAST/Franunhofer MSc programme where in 2011 he spent three months in Franunhofer IAO Stuttgart researching about energy in buildings as part of his dissertation studies, and in 2012 obtained the Master’s degree with Distinction in Building Services. Upon graduating as a Mechanical Engineer in 1990 he was employed in the maritime sector first an engineer then as a manager in the MSCL drawing office. In 1994 Ing Caruana moved to a local leading building services company where he was responsible for various projects in the renewable energies as well as HVAC. In 2001 Ing Caruana joined MCAST as a lecturer and then promoted to senior lecturer and IVC. In January 2014 he was appointed Deputy Director at the Institute of Building & Construction Engineering which later was joined with other engineering institutes to form the Institute of Engineering and Transport. Today he occupies the post of Deputy Director (Academic), in the same institute. Ing Caruana’s main interests are in the field of sustainable buildings and education related to this field. He is a member in MEEREA and the Malta Chamber of Engineers. He is a firm believer in VET reflected by the fact that he joined MCAST at its beginning in 2001 and is committed to continue contributing actively in this institution.


ING。Godwin Caruana参加了St.Aloysius学院,并在马耳他大学攻读工程学,并于1990年以机械工程师的身份毕业。2010年,Ing Caruana加入MCAST / Franunhofer理学硕士课程,2011年他在Franunhofer IAO度过了三个月作为论文研究的一部分,斯图加特研究建筑能源,并于2012年获得了建筑服务专业硕士学位。1990年以机械工程师的身份毕业后,他在海事部门担任工程师,然后在MSCL绘图室担任经理。1994年,Ing Caruana搬到当地领先的建筑服务公司,负责可再生能源和HVAC的各种项目。2001年,Ing Caruana加入MCAST担任讲师,然后晋升为高级讲师和IVC。2014年1月,他被任命为建筑与建筑工程学院副主任,后来与其他工程学院一起组建了工程与运输研究所。今天,他在同一所研究所担任副主任(学术)。Ing Caruana的主要兴趣是与该领域相关的可持续建筑和教育领域。他是MEEREA和马耳他工程师协会的成员。他坚定地相信VET,因为他在2001年初加入MCAST,并致力于继续积极参与该机构。今天,他在同一所研究所担任副主任(学术)。Ing Caruana的主要兴趣是与该领域相关的可持续建筑和教育领域。他是MEEREA和马耳他工程师协会的成员。他坚定地相信VET,因为他在2001年初加入MCAST,并致力于继续积极参与该机构。今天,他在同一所研究所担任副主任(学术)。Ing Caruana的主要兴趣是与该领域相关的可持续建筑和教育领域。他是MEEREA和马耳他工程师协会的成员。他坚定地相信VET,因为他在2001年初加入MCAST,并致力于继续积极参与该机构。

Mr Conrad Vassallo
Director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Mr Conrad Vassallo graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Education degree in Computing from the University of Malta. He joined the Institute of ICT that same year as an assistant lecturer making him one of the founding lecturers at MCAST. He was promoted to lecturer in 2004 and also appointed as a Programme Manager responsible for the courses from level 2 till level 4. In 2005, he was appointed as Institute Coordinator and subsequently to BTEC Lead Internal Verifier, responsible for monitoring the quality assurance process of the BTEC courses. In 2010 he furthered his studies with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and consequently he was promoted to Senior Lecturer where he made part of the lecturing staff teaching the MCAST degree courses.


He has contributed greatly to the success of the Institute of ICT over the years. His efforts yielded success especially in furthering the knowledge of the students and his professional and vocational experience. These successful efforts include his contribution towards preparing students from the Institute of ICT for the Euro Skills competition achieving Gold and Silver medals in Web Design.  He also was the mentor for students winning the Malta Robotics Olympiad challenge in 2014 and 2016 and also mentored students who participated in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge in Washington D.C. in 2017 and Mexico City in 2018. For the past 12 years, he has been teaching at various levels ranging from diplomas to degree courses including programming, web technologies and Linux operating systems. He has been involved in various open source projects, with a particular interest in embedded systems and robotics. He was also commissioned to work on a prototype for a foreign company with regard to home automation and IoT devices. In 2013 he was appointed to Deputy Director at the Institute of ICT where he refrained from his lecturing duties to focus on the administration of the Institute.  Consequently, in 2014 he was appointed as Acting Director. Late in 2015, he was appointed as Director of the ICT Institute.  He is currently forming part of the European Commission working group for the innovation and digitalisation of high-quality VET and Higher VET.

Conrad Vassallo先生于2001年毕业于马耳他大学,获得计算机教育学士学位。同年,他作为助理讲师加入了信息通信技术研究所,使他成为MCAST的创始讲师之一。他于2004年晋升为讲师,并被任命为负责2级至4级课程的项目经理。2005年,他被任命为研究所协调员,随后被任命为BTEC首席内部审核员,负责监督质量保证过程。 BTEC课程。2010年,他通过软件工程硕士学位进修,因此晋升为高级讲师,并在讲授教学人员的过程中教授MCAST学位课程。



Mr Mark Anthony Farrugia
Deputy Director of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Mr Mark Anthony Farrugia graduated from the University of Malta in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Upon graduation, Mark Anthony Farrugia spent a year in a software development company working as a software developer. He joined MCAST as an Assistant Lecturer in 2002 and was appointed as a Deputy Director at the Institute of ICT in 2013. Mr Farrugia is in possession of a Master’s degree in Software Development from the University of Hertfordshire. Apart from teaching, Mr Farrugia’s main passion is programming and has also embarked on several personal projects, mainly dealing with software that helps companies on their business processes.


Mark Anthony Farrugia先生于2001年毕业于马耳他大学,获得教育学学士学位。毕业后,Mark Anthony Farrugia在软件开发公司工作了一年,担任软件开发人员。他于2002年加入MCAST担任助理讲师,并于2013年被任命为ICT研究所副主任.Farrugia先生拥有赫特福德大学软件开发硕士学位。除了教学之外,Farrugia先生的主要热情是编程,并且还开展了几个个人项目,主要涉及帮助公司处理业务流程的软件。


Dr Tatjana Chircop
Deputy Principal – Arts and Social Sciences  (VPET)

Dr Tatjana Chircop has been involved in both formal and non-formal education since 1988. At a young age, she became a professional musician with the Manoel Theatre Orchestra and the National Orchestra and taught violin and piano at the Johann Strauss School of Music. After having achieved the FTCL in violin performing and the LTCL in piano performing she also furthered her studies at the Conservatoire National de Region, Lyon. Later, she focused on a career in education and fulfilled roles of learning support assistant at St Albert the Great College and a community development worker with Agenzija Appogg, particularly within Valletta Local Council. In 2007 she joined MCAST as a lecturer and later moved into management within the same college, having been appointed Director of the Institute of Community Services, Head of the Foundation College and recently Deputy Principal for Arts and Social Sciences. Dr Chircop is in possession of a BA Hons in English (University of London), a BA Hons in Youth and Community Studies (University of Malta), an MA in Youth and Community Studies (Brunel University), a Master in Intercultural Eco-Management (Universita’ Ca Foscari), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Vocational and Educational and Training (MCAST) and a PhD (Brunel University). Dr Chircop carried out research in areas including childlessness, vocational education and performing arts. Her doctoral research combines the gendered nature of identity formation of young women and the music they listen to. The research focuses on how young Maltese women make meaning out of the music they listen to in their everyday lives and how they incorporate this meaning into everyday discourses and identities. Through the research, she explores the consumption of global and local cultural forms of music as leisure and the incorporation or resistance of these cultural forms in identity formation processes. She also analyses ways in which social and cultural capitals are processed in the social and cultural power struggle to form cultural hierarchies.

Tatjana Chircop博士自1988年以来一直参与正规和非正规教育。年轻时,她成为了Manoel Theatre Orchestra和国家管弦乐团的专业音乐家,并在Johann Strauss音乐学院教授小提琴和钢琴。在完成小提琴演奏的FTCL和钢琴演奏的LTCL之后,她还在里昂国立音乐学院进修。后来,她专注于教育事业,并在圣艾伯特大学学院担任学习支持助理,并在Agenzija Appogg担任社区发展工作者,特别是在瓦莱塔地方议会。2007年,她加入MCAST担任讲师,后来进入同一所大学的管理层,被任命为社区服务研究所所长,基础学院院长,最近担任艺术与社会科学副校长。Chircop博士拥有英语学士学位(伦敦大学),青年和社区研究荣誉学士学位(马耳他大学),青年和社区研究硕士学位(布鲁内尔大学),跨文化生态管理硕士学位。 (Universita'Ca Foscari),职业教育与培训研究生证书(MCAST)和博士(布鲁内尔大学)。Chircop博士在无子女,职业教育和表演艺术等领域开展研究。她的博士研究结合了年轻女性身份形成的性别特征和她们听的音乐。该研究的重点是年轻的马耳他女性如何从日常生活中听到的音乐中获取意义,以及如何将这种意义融入日常话语和身份中。通过研究,她探讨了全球和地方文化形式的音乐作为休闲的消费,以及这些文化形式在身份形成过程中的融合或抵制。她还分析了在社会和文化权力斗争中处理社会和文化资本以形成文化等级的方式。

Dr Martina Caruana
Director of Institute for The Creative Arts

Dr Martina Caruana is a graduate in Music and History of Art from the University of Malta (1993), where she furthered her studies in the History of Art with a specialization in illuminated manuscripts in Malta. After obtaining her PhD from the Sorbonne Paris IV (2000) she continued to research illuminated books in Malta and has since been invited to lecture, participate in conferences/projects and publish in several reputable fora. She has been an educator for some 25 years and her experience ranges from primary through to postgraduate education in private and state, Maltese and European contexts, with experience in formal VET education dating back to 2001 when she collaborated with MCAST in her capacity as Director of Studies of the Malta Centre for Restoration’s Institute for Conservation and Restoration Studies. She eventually joined MCAST, where she pursued her formal education in VET education (2013), almost eight years ago as Senior Lecturer II in Contextual Studies at the Institute for the Creative Arts. There she later also coordinated the Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Cultural Heritage Skills departments, and was recently appointed Institute Director.


Martina Caruana博士毕业于马耳他大学音乐和艺术史(1993年),并在马耳他专业从事照明手稿,从而进一步深入研究艺术史。从Sorbonne Paris IV(2000)获得博士学位后,她继续在马耳他研究照明书籍,并被邀请参加讲座,参加会议/项目并在几个着名的论坛上发表。她已经从事教育工作了大约25年,她的经验范围从私立和州,马耳他和欧洲的小学到研究生教育,具有正式职业教育教育的经验,可追溯到2001年,当时她以MCAST的身份与MCAST合作。马耳他恢复中心保护和恢复研究所的研究。她最终加入了MCAST,近八年前,她在VET教育(2013年)接受正规教育,在创意艺术学院担任情境研究高级讲师。在那里,她后来还协调了美术,表演艺术和文化遗产技能部门,最近被任命为研究所所长。



Mr David Kenely
Director of the Institute of Business Management  and Commerce

Having graduated in communication, David Kenely joined MCAST in 2001 as a lecturer in Marketing, Communications and Consumer Behaviour. While at MCAST he held various roles apart from lecturing including being a Lead Internal Verifier with BTEC, programme coordinator, and Deputy Director Programme Management. David is now the Director of the Institute of Business Management and Commerce. Even though he moved towards the management part of education, student interaction and the classroom are still very important and he considers himself an educator by profession.


On a personal level, David is married and has two boys. He has a keen interest in the issue of sustainability and loves outdoor activities, especially long distance running and swimming.

David Kenely毕业于交流专业,于2001年加入MCAST,担任市场营销,传播和消费者行为的讲师。在MCAST期间,除担任讲座外,他还担任过各种职务,包括担任BTEC的主要内部审核员,项目协调员和副主任项目管理。David现在是商业管理和商业研究所所长。即使他走向教育的管理部分,学生互动和课堂仍然非常重要,他认为自己是专业的教育者。在个人层面上,大卫已婚,有两个男孩。他对可持续发展问题非常感兴趣,喜欢户外活动,特别是长途跑步和游泳。

Mr Anthony Padovani
Deputy Director (Academic) of the Institute of Business Management and Commerce

Mr Anthony Padovani is a Master of Science Graduate in Management and in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University and the London School of Commerce respectively. He has over thirty years direct experience in several industries including beverages, mobile & satellite telecommunications, business software applications, executive education, retail, and removal & export of hazardous waste. He occupied top management positions relating to marketing, business development and general management with leading local and foreign international companies. Anthony has travelled widely and has been involved in business negotiations with international organisations across the world. Anthony is presently the Deputy Director at MCAST’s Institute of Business Management and Commerce responsible for academic matters after having joined MCAST as a lecturer in 2011. Anthony still lectures on business-related units in various business programmes run at MCAST and also tutors final year students on their dissertation as part of the first-degree course in Business Enterprise. Anthony’s main interests are business planning and strategic marketing.


Anthony Padovani先生分别是Anglia Ruskin大学和伦敦商学院的管理和工商管理硕士。他在多个行业拥有超过30年的直接经验,包括饮料,移动和卫星通信,商业软件应用,高管教育,零售以及危险废物的清除和出口。他曾在领先的本地和国外公司担任营销,业务发展和综合管理方面的高级管理职位。安东尼已经广泛旅行,并参与了与世界各地国际组织的商务谈判。在2011年加入MCAST担任讲师后,Anthony目前担任MCAST商业管理和商务学院的副主任,负责学术事务。安东尼还在MCAST举办的各种商业课程中讲授商业相关单位,并指导最后一年的学生他们的论文是商业企业一级学位课程的一部分。安东尼的主要兴趣是商业计划和战略营销。

Ing Karl V.A. Camilleri
Deputy Director (Resources) – Institute of Business, Management and Commerce

Ing Karl V. A. Camilleri graduated from the UOM with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) in 1994. He achieved Chevening Scholar in 1999. Then Ing. Camilleri read for an MBA at Cranfield University (UK) and a Post Graduate in Marketing in 2000. He gained the status of Chartered Engineer in the UK, Warranted Engineer in Malta and EUR.ING. with the European Federation & National Engineers Association. He is a Fellow of the Association of Project Managers (UK), Member of the Chartered Institute of Management (UK), and the Chartered Institute of Engineering & Technology (UK). He is a fully qualified Prince 2 Practitioner and Energy Performance Efficiency assessor. Ing Camilleri has over seven years of lecturing experience in project management, operations management, strategy, business management, change management, risk management and marketing. He has over 20 years of industry experience as a senior manager, director, executive officer and senior consultant, having worked in a number key decision making positions in major energy, telecoms, consultancy, manufacturing & governmental organisations. Ing Camilleri has worked for a number of blue chip companies such as BOVIS Lend Lease, British Telecom, Openreach, Network Rail, London Underground, Maltacom, Enemalta, Marconi and ST Microelectronics. His academic Interests are project management, transportation, change management and strategy.  His personal interests are 20th century history, fine arts and restorations. He has been Programme & Event Co-ordinator for Dar Tal-Providenza of their Annual Fine Arts Auction since 2011.

Ing Karl VA Camilleri于1994年毕业于UOM,获得电气工程(荣誉)学士学位。他于1999年获得了Chevening Scholar。然后Ing。Camilleri于2000年在克兰菲尔德大学(英国)攻读工商管理硕士学位,并在2000年获得市场营销硕士学位。他获得了英国特许工程师,马耳他保证工程师和EUR.ING的资格。与欧洲联邦和国家工程师协会合作。他是英国项目经理协会会员,英国特许管理学会会员,英国特许工程技术学会会员。他是一名完全合格的Prince 2从业者和能源绩效评估员。Ing Camilleri在项目管理,运营管理,战略,业务管理,变革管理方面拥有超过七年的讲学经验,风险管理和营销。他拥有超过20年的行业经验,担任高级经理,董事,执行官和高级顾问,曾在主要能源,电信,咨询,制造和政府​​组织担任过多个关键决策职位。Ing Camilleri曾为多家蓝筹公司工作,如BOVIS Lend Lease,英国电信,Openreach,Network Rail,伦敦地铁,Maltacom,Enemalta,Marconi和ST Microelectronics。他的学术兴趣是项目管理,交通,变革管理和战略。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。董事,执行官和高级顾问,曾在主要能源,电信,咨询,制造和政府​​组织担任过多个关键决策职务。Ing Camilleri曾为多家蓝筹公司工作,如BOVIS Lend Lease,英国电信,Openreach,Network Rail,伦敦地铁,Maltacom,Enemalta,Marconi和ST Microelectronics。他的学术兴趣是项目管理,交通,变革管理和战略。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。董事,执行官和高级顾问,曾在主要能源,电信,咨询,制造和政府​​组织担任过多个关键决策职务。Ing Camilleri曾为多家蓝筹公司工作,如BOVIS Lend Lease,英国电信,Openreach,Network Rail,伦敦地铁,Maltacom,Enemalta,Marconi和ST Microelectronics。他的学术兴趣是项目管理,交通,变革管理和战略。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。政府组织。Ing Camilleri曾为多家蓝筹公司工作,如BOVIS Lend Lease,英国电信,Openreach,Network Rail,伦敦地铁,Maltacom,Enemalta,Marconi和ST Microelectronics。他的学术兴趣是项目管理,交通,变革管理和战略。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。政府组织。Ing Camilleri曾为多家蓝筹公司工作,如BOVIS Lend Lease,英国电信,Openreach,Network Rail,伦敦地铁,Maltacom,Enemalta,Marconi和ST Microelectronics。他的学术兴趣是项目管理,交通,变革管理和战略。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。他的个人兴趣是20世纪的历史,美术和修复。自2011年以来,他一直担任Dar Tal-Providenza的年度美术拍卖计划和活动协调员。

Ms Ann Marie Cassar
Acting Director of the Institute of Community Services

Ann Marie Cassar graduated from the University of Malta with a BA Hons in English and started her career as Director of Studies in a language school. She was responsible for the administration and implementation of the academic programmes including managing the teaching team and academic resources. The school also offered language courses for children as well as childcare facilities for international families with particular emphasis on inclusive practice. She then moved on to run a local catering establishment for a number of years, handling daily operations and functions together with human resources and administration. Her main interest has always been language acquisition in the Early Years, therefore she read for a Master’s in Early Years Education and Care.  She joined MCAST in January 2014 with lecturing duties in English language and Early Years education. In 2016 she was appointed Deputy Director within the Institute of Community Services.
Ann Marie Cassar毕业于马耳他大学,获得英语学士学位,并开始在语言学校担任研究主任。她负责管理和实施学术课程,包括管理教学团队和学术资源。学校还为儿童提供语言课程以及为国际家庭提供儿童保育设施,特别强调包容性实践。然后,她继续经营一家当地的餐饮机构多年,处理日常运营和人力资源和行政管理。她的主要兴趣一直是早年的语言习得,因此她读了早期教育和护理硕士学位。她于2014年1月加入MCAST,负责英语语言和幼儿教育。2016年,她被任命为社区服务研究所的副主任。