Mr Ronald Curmi
Deputy Principal – Registrar | 副校长 注册官

Mr Ronald Curmi is the Deputy Principal – Registrar at MCAST. His professional career started in the Industrial and Consumer Electronics industry occupying both managerial and directorship posts until in 2001 he joined the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology as Deputy Director of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (now the Institute of Engineering and Transport). Mr Curmi started his teaching career in 1995 at the Fellenberg Training Centre for Industrial Electronics lecturing Power Electronics and Computer Engineering and continued lecturing various subjects related to the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at MCAST until 2014. He has led and participated in various projects linked to vocational education and training and engineering education research. He also holds the post of Quality Manager of the MCAST Aviation Maintenance Training Centre since 2007. He holds a Fellenberg Diploma in Industrial Electronics and a Master`s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester. His research interests focus mainly on Engineering Education and Quality Assurance.

Ronald Curmi先生是MCAST的副校长 - 注册官。他的职业生涯始于工业和消费电子行业,担任管理和董事职位,直到2001年他加入马耳他艺术,科学和技术学院,担任电气和电子工程研究所(现为工程和运输研究所)副主任。 )。Curmi先生于1995年在Fellenberg工业电子培训中心开始他的教学生涯,讲授电力电子和计算机工程,并继续讲授MCAST电气和电子工程领域的各种主题,直到2014年。他领导并参与了各种相关项目。职业教育与培训和工程教育研究。他还自2007年起担任MCAST航空维修培训中心质量经理一职。他拥有莱斯特大学工业电子学的Fellenberg文凭和工商管理硕士学位。他的研究兴趣主要集中在工程教育和质量保证。



Mr Josef Buttigieg

Deputy Registrar | 副注册官

Mr Josef Buttigieg is the Deputy Registrar responsible for academic affairs within the Office of the Registrar. An educator by profession, Josef started a teaching career at secondary school level once he successfully graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta, specialising in Accounts and Economics. He was involved in the steering committees of two National Curriculum reviews. Eventually, he started teaching at the Paolino Vassallo Upper Lyceum. When MCAST was set up in 2001, he was appointed Deputy Director of the new Institute of Business and Commerce. Before being assigned the current duties at the Office of the Registrar, he led the institute as Director. Besides education, youth work has always been at his heart, and in fact he furthered his studies in the area of youth studies. Throughout the years, Josef has had a very active involvement in various youth organisations, at local and national levels, including forming part of the Executive of the National Youth Council.  He also produced and presented a variety of discussion and magazine radio programmes on both the national broadcaster as well as other radio stations.

Josef Buttigieg先生是负责注册办公室内学术事务的副书记官长。约瑟夫是一名专业教育工作者,一旦成功毕业于马耳他大学教育学院,专攻会计和经济学,就开始了中学教学。他参与了两个国家课程评审的指导委员会。最后,他开始在Paolino Vassallo Upper Lyceum教书。当MCAST成立于2001年时,他被任命为新的商业和商业研究所的副主任。在被任命为书记官长办公室现任职务之前,他领导该研究所担任主任。除了教育,青年工作一直是他的核心,事实上他进一步深入研究青年研究领域。这些年来,约瑟夫积极参与地方和国家各级青年组织,包括成为全国青年理事会执行委员的一部分。他还在国家广播电台和其他广播电台制作并提供了各种讨论和杂志广播节目。


Mr John Vella

Deputy Registrar | 副注册官
Mr John Vella is the Deputy Registrar responsible for administration within the Office of the Registrar. John joined MCAST in 2001 as a Deputy Director for the Institute of Building and Construction Engineering after 20 years at Malta Shipbuilding where he started as an apprentice. In 2009 he was selected as Director of the same institute and subsequently moved to the Office of the Registrar in 2016. John has actively contributed to the development of home grown full-time and part-time programmes up to degree level in the construction and civil engineering sector. He represents MCAST on the Building Industry Consultative Committee and on the MEDE Board for Exemptions. Mr Vella is also participating in the development of National Occupational Standards under the auspices of the NCFHE. John graduated as a Technician in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering after receiving training at the Malta New University and subsequently obtained a BSc. (Hons) in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Malta and an MSc. In Educational Leadership from the University of Leicester.

John Vella先生是负责注册办公室管理的副书记官长。约翰于2001年加入MCAST,担任建筑与建筑工程学院副主任,在马耳他造船公司工作20年后,他开始当学徒。2009年,他被选为同一所研究所的主任,随后于2016年进入了注册办公室。约翰积极参与了本土全日制和非全日制课程的开发,这些课程达到了建筑和民用的学位水平。工程部门。他代表MCAST参与建筑行业咨询委员会和MEDE豁免委员会。Vella先生还在NCFHE的主持下参与国家职业标准的制定。John在马耳他新大学接受培训后获得机械和电子工程技术员学位,随后获得了学士学位。马耳他大学数学与计算机科学(荣誉)学士学位。在莱斯特大学的教育领导。