Established in 2001,the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology is the country’s leading vocational education and training institution.  Six Institutes in Malta and the Gozo Campus, MCAST offers 180 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from certificates to Master’s degrees (MQF Level 1 to Level 7).
马耳他艺术,科学和技术学院成立于2001年,是马耳他领先的职业教育和培训机构。在马耳他,MCAST拥有六所学院,并在戈佐岛拥有校区。MCAST提供180个全日制和300多个兼职职业课程,从证书到硕士学位(MQF 1级到7级)
The six MCAST Institutes namely the Institute of Applied Sciences, the Institute for the Creative Arts, the Institute of Engineering and Transport, the Institute of Business Management and Commerce, the Institute of Community Services, the Institute of Information and Communication Technology and the Gozo Campus provide all the technical and professional expertise towards the delivery of the programmes at MCAST. They also maintain the aim of driving forward all the areas of study under their respective responsibility. This corporate structure enables focused strategies, which address the specific needs of students at each level, while maintaining a healthy dialogue with all interested stakeholders in order to provide the best programmes for the needs of the local economy and society.
六个MCAST 研究所,即应用科学研究所,创意艺术研究所,工程与运输研究所,商业管理与商务研究所,社区服务研究所,信息与通信技术研究所和戈佐校区,提供MCAST提供的所有技术和专业知识。他们还坚持以各自的责任推动所有研究领域的目标。这种团队结构,能够实现有针对性的发展战略,满足每个级别学生的特定需求,同时与所有感兴趣的利益相关者,保持顺畅交流与沟通,以便为当地经济和社会的需求提供最佳方案。
MCAST’s relationship with industry stimulates the College’s success – its programmes are flexible, relevant and responsive to the aspirations of the students and to the needs of industries which are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a changing global economy. The College supports small and medium-sized enterprises through a multidisciplinary approach. This encompasses work-based learning through the Apprenticeships Programme, the various entrepreneurship initiatives and through MG2i (MCAST’s commercial arm) services whereby it provides training courses tailor-